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CPC B64C39/00 is a technological category in the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) system covering patents related to Aircraft not elsewhere classified.[1][2]



This wiki has 553 patents in category "CPC B64C39/00". Other techtypes related to CPC B64C39/00: CPC B64C2700/6297

Patents in category CPC B64C39/00


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Subcategories CPC B64C39/001, CPC B64C39/003, CPC B64C39/005, CPC B64C39/006, CPC B64C39/008, CPC B64C39/02, CPC B64C39/022, CPC B64C39/024, CPC B64C39/026, CPC B64C39/028, CPC B64C39/04, CPC B64C39/06, CPC B64C39/062, CPC B64C39/064, CPC B64C39/066, CPC B64C39/068, CPC B64C39/08, CPC B64C39/10, CPC B64C39/12
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