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Jean-François Arnaud was an aero inventor addressed at venue Félix-Faure, 95, Paris, département Seine, France.[1] We have him working primarily in connexion with the airplane, one patent getting into the fineries of aerodynamics, among other things, and a modest patent family getting a into system of automatic airplane stability. This latter also puts some emphasis on aerodynamics and design aspects oriented thereto, and this is not always the case with stability. With this inventor, that the stability is “automatic” has to do with the specifics on the aerodynamically-oriented design elements.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Jean-François Arnaud


Names Jean-François Arnaud
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR
Locations Paris, département Seine, France
Tech areas Airplane, Stability, Propellers, Design, Aerodynamics, Construction, Frame, Rudder, Control, Wings, Chassis, Wheels, Skids, Landing, Automatic stability
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