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cropped image of later life photograph inclusive of Coandă made available by Romanian Communism Online Photo Collection of the Arhivele Naționale ale României

Henri-Marie Coandă was an aero inventor, born 7 June 1886 in Bucharest, finishing his education in France, registering patents extensively in both France and Great Britain, and at least occasionally in the United States, Canada, Spain and Switzerland, dying 25 November 1972, in Bucharest, after having definitively regained Romanian identity, in 1969, as director of the "Institute of Scientific and Technical Creation", that is, the "Institutului de creație științifică și tehnică" (INCREST).[1]

(Regarding patents, he filed quite extensively indeed, and may be search within Espacenet simply as "HENRI COANDA" with extraneous results, indeed, though also the bulk of his proper results, pertaining to patents filed both during and after our years of focus, or as "HENRI MARIE COANDA" for a few Spanish and other results not otherwise found.)

NOTE: Regarding exhibitions, in 1910 and otherwise, some French contextual clarification may be in order, regarding variably Parisian-located events . . . Salon international de l'aéronautique et de l'espace de Paris-Le Bourget on French Wikipedia

Coanda-1910 brochure

Regarding specific locations, we have Coandă addressed at 15, Avenue Mercedes, Paris, France[2], and from 17, Westbury Road, Bristol, Great Britain. This latter address was used at times when he filed solely as an individual[3], and when he filed jointly with the British and Colonial Aeroplane Co..[4] Said firm was located at Clare Street House, also in Bristol.[5]

(link to complete image inclusive of Coandă as seen in his later years)

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Names Henri-Marie Coandă, Henri Marie Coandă, Henri Coandă, Coanda Henrik
Birth date 7 June 1886
Death date 25 November 1972
Countries RO, AT, AH, FR, GB, US, CA, CH, ES
Locations Bucharest, Paris, Bristol
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas Airplane, Wings, Frame, Nervure, Design, Construction, Wheels, Fuselage, Chassis, Landing, Propellers, Rudder, Stability, Steering, Control
Affiliations British and Colonial Aeroplane Co.
Wikidata id