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RO is an abbreviation in this wiki referring to Romania.

Notable points in connexion with early European aero-development more generally

Military ballooning:

In 1893 Godard instructed some Roumanian officers in the art of ballooning, and an order was afterwards given to the firm for the supply of balloons to a regiment of engineers stationed at Bucharest. In 1902 an officer was sent to Germany and Austria to study their methods, and this led to the introduction of the "Sigsfeld-Parseval" system of captive balloons into the Roumanian army.[1]

According to Moedebeck, the Godard who trained the Romanian officers was Louis Godard.[2]

Aside from Romanian inventors filing patents largely outside of Romania, to the best of our knowledge, Romania will go on to play a later role on the corporate level. See Compagnie Franco-Roumaine de Navigation Aérienne. This wiki has 0 Romanian patents and 50 patents filed by Romanians.

People affiliated with Romania: Aurel Vlaicu, Eugène Sunguroff, Henri-Marie Coandă, Trajan Vuia

Tentatives on finding Romanian patenting processes contemporaneous to the period we are studying

We are looking into this. Broadly, and beyond patenting, Romania was not likely administratively under Hungary, though Aurel Vlaicu first filed in Hungary[3], then in Britain and France. Trajan Vuia filed in France as well as in Hungary, doing this once even after locating himself in Neuilly, France[4]. Henri-Marie Coandă seems to have focused directly on Great Britain and France. We of course may find more international data on any of these gentlemen. The territory was on the edge, rather than within, the farthest eastern reaches of Hungary.


Patent reports relative to Romania and Romanians

Patents filed by Romanians