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Jules Collomb was an aero inventor located within département Rhône, France.[1] On more than one occasion he seems to have used the word “aéroplane” to describe a possible hybrid which is more or less a helicopter.[2][3] In collaboration with Claude-Marius Carrel, he did some work with propellers applicable to marine as well as aviation and aeronautics.[4] He also did some work on his own in this field.[5] This work bring the classification FR 6.2 into his work. In his case, being that he also worked with propellers expressedly aero, we differentiate them and see the examples designated as FR 6.4.[6]

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Names Jules Collomb
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR
Locations département Rhône, France
Tech areas Airplane, Aerodynamics, Construction, Propellers, Propulsion, Design, Lift, Ascension, Sustentation, Helicopter, Hybrid, Marine, Hydroplane, Hydrodynamics, LTA, Dirigibles
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