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Anthony Rudolph Silverston was an aero inventor in Milwaukee. He gave the address 3200 Grand Avenue, Milwaukee.

As of 1912, Silverston ran the Milwaukee School and College of Aviation, an institution which was pilloried in Aerial Age Weekly.[1]

As of 1907, Silverston was General Manager of the Vacu-Aerial Navigation and Manufacturing Company. Some patents were 1/2 assigned to William Woods Plankinton, who was president of the company.[2]

Later he had some involvement with Marcus Garvey's Black Star shipping line.[3]

Spelling and data errors

On espacenet his middle name is spelled "Ridolph". Wrong, I'm pretty sure, but derives from the spelling on Patent FR-1909-394877. He could have used a different spelling, or the French office could have made a mistake. However, we can see that on Patent GB-1908-20433, which has the same illustrations as the French patent, his name is printed "Rudolph".


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