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Clément Galvin was an aero inventor filing from “chez M. Bourbon, route de Grenoble, 75, Brou, (Rhône)”, that is, within the Rhône département of France.[1] Later he is simply located at the same address, with no mention of “M. Bourbon”.[2] We also have him located at quai de Serin, 69, Lyon, département Rhône, France.[3] Regarding various of these locations, département Rhône is key. We have “route de Grenoble, Bron-Village, (Rhône)”.[4] There is a “Brou” currently situated in département Eure-et-Loire, but all of our cross-referenced address and street data here is explicitly and repeatedly associated with département Rhône.

We have him doing some work with Adolphe Chauvin.[5]

It may be of note that during a period of increasing elaboration he put the emphasis on increasing the solidity of the airplane specifically by way of reduction of the elements of which it is comprised. Later, we have him located as simply in département Seine, France, and as doing further work on the hydroplane.[6]

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Names Clément Galvin
Birth date
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Countries FR
Locations “chez M. Bourbon, route de Grenoble, 75, Brou, (Rhône)”, “route de Grenoble, Bron-Village, (Rhône)”, that is, within the Rhône département of France; département Seine, France
Tech areas Airplane, Design, Hydroplane, Chassis, Wheels, Frame, Construction, Fuselage, Rudder
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