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Maurice-Émile Primard was an aero inventor, whom we have primarily in connexion with airplane designs, and as filing from within département Seine, France.[1] We also have him later as filing from within département Somme, France.[2]

British patent data has him working in collaboration with Charles Ponche, both inventors filing from Long, département Somme, France, and with both inventors being identified as Manufacturers.[3] Patent GB-1912-2316 was filed by these two inventors, and seems to consolidate the design specifics of Patent FR-1910-421136 and those of Patent FR-1911-421136.15166, both of which patents were filed solely by Maurice-Émile Primard.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Maurice-Émile Primard


Names Maurice-Émile Primard
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR
Locations département Seine, France
Occupations Manufacturer
Tech areas Monoplane, Design, Wings, Aerodynamics, Frame, Construction, Propellers, Control, Wing warping, Chassis, Wheels, Fuselage, Propellers, Propulsion
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