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Belgian patent classification "K", for "Navigation, Pêche, Aérostation" (that is, "Navigation, Fishing, Aerostation"), is the designation of most of our Belgian patents in the early Twentieth Century. There are some aero patents designated as BE J, and BE L, and, as with the French material, it seems that aeronautics were only gradually, and incrementally, given specific designation. There seems to have been a classification protocol lag, relative to the French, in that we are entering, with BE K, well into the period of French usage of the category FR 6.4, with its exclusive pertinence to aircraft development (both LTA and heavier-than-air).

The Belgian terminological lag is twofold, in the sense that BE K is only roughly half dedicated to patents pertinent to aircraft, and in that the word "aérostation" quite viably pertains exclusively to LTA. The aero material within the RdBdI volumes is nevertheless largely pertinent to airplanes, with this factor becoming dominant in the 1900s and 1910s. The terminological lag is symptomatic of a burgeoning field of innovation, with the formal and legal classification protocols being slow to catch up.

One factor here is our disproportionate reliance upon analogue data, in the case of Belgian material. There early 19th Century catalogues have been scanned. They have seemingly not embraced espacenet, though we have every indication, by way of references to Belgian material contained in non-Belgian patents, and by way of thorough examination of the volumes of Recueil des Brevets d'Invention, that they filed quite a significant number of patents, quite specifically aeronautical and of per volume high quality.

Whereas BE K covers the overwhelming majority of Belgian data pertinent to us during these years, BE J and BE L are still of systematic note, particularly as pertaining to the details of aerial motors and related issues of mechanical design and construction, and ultimately industrialization, per se, with less of an emphasis on the principles of flight, in the abstract.


(We are currently basing our information on this Belgian classification strictly on the fact of its almost uniform pertinence to the data of interest to us as found within the volumes of the Recueil des Brevets d'Invention. We are presently ascertaining the evolution of this protocol relative to its predecessors.)

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