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Alexander Blair Thaw was an aero inventor. As of early 1914, he characterized himself as a Student on a patent filing, and gave his address as Morewood Place, Pittsburgh. In 1915 he filed from Manhattan, NYC.

There are a couple of identifiable Alexander Blair Thaws from Pittsburgh; presumably one of these is the patentee but there are doubts either way:

  • 1861 - 1937 - poet? sometimes described as living 1857-1937
  • 1898 - 1918 - and aero guy, but seems too young for a 1912ish paatent when he would have been only about 13 ; was in US air aviation - died in WWI, in France at 19 [1] - possibly this is a Junior, ABT II so to speak, and that the FATHER is the patentee
Many sources about various AB Thaws -- let's sort thru these someday

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Alexander Blair Thaw

Publications by or about William Thaw or W. Thaw