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Geoffrey de Havilland founded an important British aircraft manufacturer.

The first aircraft de Havilland designed was a biplane with two pusher propellers and a 33.5 kW (45 hp)-engine. It flew once in December 1909. De Havilland then designed a Farman-type biplane sold as an "F.E. 1" to the British War Office. In 1911 he issued a model called the F.E. 2 "with an angular nacelle for the pilot." It was further developed at "the government's works at Farnborough" for World War I. De Havilland led a team at Farnborough to develop other aircraft called the "Royal Aircraft Factory types." For his other WWI aircraft, see Airco.[1]

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Names Geoffrey de Havilland
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Locations Farnborough
Occupations aircraft designer
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