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Alexis Beurrier was an aero inventor in France. In a 1910 patent he gave his occupation as Bailiff and his location as Montguyon, France. In later patents he gave his address as Thaims, near Cozes, département Charente-Inférieure, France, and his occupation as Independent Gentleman. These locations are in the same region of southwest France, not far from Bordeaux.

We having Beurrier, filing from Thaims, near Cozes, département Charente-Inférieure, France, in collaboration with Jean Edouard Bigourdan, as such, filing from Maisse, département Seine-et-Oise, France.[1]

We have Beurrier as filing in collaboration with Edmond Bigourdan, identified as such, and Louis Lacoin.[2] We have Beurrier filing in collaboration with Édouard-Jean Bigourdan, named as such.[3]

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Names Alexis Beurrier
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR
Locations Montguyon, département Charente-Inférieure, France; Thaims, near Cozes, département Charente-Inférieure, France
Occupations Bailiff, Gentleman
Tech areas Helicopter
Affiliations Edmond Bigourdan, Édouard-Jean Bigourdan, Louis Lacoin
Wikidata id