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"Les roues sonts solidaires à un système de triangle déformable dont le grand côté est coulissable et contient des rondelles Belleville."

That is, "The wheels are united by way of a system of flexible triangle of which the greatest side is adjustable and contains the washers or gears of Belleville."


RdBdI 1912

Inventor location: Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

Year filed
Year granted 1912
Office BE
Patent number 250364
Inventors Louis Blériot
Inventor country FR
Applicant person Louis Blériot
Applicant firm
Applicant type INDIV
Applicant is inventor? Yes
Original title Perfectionnements aux amortisseurs hydropneumatiques tels, notamment, que ceux devant être utilisés dans certains châssis de suspension pour aéroplanes et engins analogues
English title Improvements to hydropneumatic shock absorbers such, notably, as those usable in certain suspension chassis for airplanes and similar machines
Tech fields airplane, chassis, shock-absorbers, construction, design, suspension
Filing date October 25, 1912
Full specification filed date
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Grant date
Granted? Yes
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Related to aircraft? Yes
Serial number
Patent agent De Visscher et Graetz
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National tech categories BE K
Family year 1912
First filing? No
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