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Patent FR-1907-378998 Diagram Sheet

Edmond de Marçay was an aero patentee and founder of Edmond de Marçay et Cie. He gave his occupation as "gentleman." He filed patents from 115 rue Lazare, Paris.[1] He engaged in extensive collaboration with Émile Moonen. He also filed in collaboration with Jean Kluijtmans.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Edmond de Marçay

  • Patent LU-1910-8571 (English title: Pivoting carrying surface for airplanes and analogous craft, and method for controlling surfaces of this type, Supplementary to patent: Patent FR-1909-419009)
  • Patent FR-1907-378998 (English title: dirigible propulsion apparatus, Filing date: 1907-06-19)
  • Patent FR-1909-419009 (English title: Improvements to airplanes and similar machines, Filing date: 1909-10-14)
  • Patent FR-1909-419308 (English title: Improvements made to aeroplanes, also applicable to similar devices, and devices for carrying out the said improvements, Filing date: 1909-10-22)
  • Patent GB-1910-18661 (English title: Improvements relating to aeroplanes and other machines, Supplementary to patent: Patent FR-1909-419308, Filing date: 1910-08-08)
  • Patent BE-1913-252545 (English title: Improvements to the means to be used to assemble together the elements to be included in the constitution of the articles, such in particular and above all, as the tapered beams, Filing date: 1913-01-06)
  • Patent FR-1913-463641 (English title: Foldable airfoil, Filing date: 1913-10-15)

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Names Edmond de Marçay; Edmond de Marcay
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR
Locations Paris, département Seine, France
Occupations gentleman, company founder, entrepreneur
Tech areas Airplane, Wings, Construction, Frame
Affiliations Edmond de Marçay et Cie
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