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RU is an abbreviation in this wiki referring to Russia.

There is an online Russian-to-English dictionary on Wikisource from 1945 and we can use URLs to link to the page on which a definition is found.[1]

Aero history

Военная аэронавтика - Б. Д. Потёмкин, that is, "Military Aviation" ; this work may be handy, in terms of history and perhaps in terms of historiography. This work, published in 1888, was sought in the interests of its being cited in connection with the early airplane of Alexandr Fedorovich Mozhaiskii. Comte Antoine Apraxine and others stand out prominently as well. Aside from touching upon a few early Russian aero-luminaries, the book begins with some references to key French, German and British journals. Then it goes over broad principles, aeronautics, or more properly it explores aerostatic systems, in great detail, and moves into aerodynamics. This may be a key theoretical overview analysis, from the Late 19th Century Russian point of view.

Russia commissioned an airship from Lebaudy Frères and received it in 1909.[2]


Russia granted patents before 1845. For Russians these lasted 10 years; for foreigners, only 1–6 years (at a cost of 200 roubles per annum). There were no supplements or extensions, and inventions had to be put into practice within six months.[3]

As of 1881, the The Russian Empire's Department of Trade and Manufactures (Департамента торговли и мануфактур) granted patents, based on one example.[4]

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