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Крушение аэростата А. С. Апраксина, 1891
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Patent DE-1878-6372 original page 2
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Comte Antoine Apraxine, Anton Stepanovich Apraxine, was a Russian aero inventor, 3 October 1817 - 2 January 1899, a major-general hailing from a family of the Russian nobility associated at high levels with both the Russian naval and terrestrial military.[1] Upon a segue from the appropriate francophone page, to the Russian Апраксин search page, taking into consideration the French name "Antoine", Апраксин, Антон Степанович was discovered.

As of Patent US-1878-213603 we have him claiming residency in Paris, France, though St. Petersburg, Russia, seems to have been his home, at which location he is situated during the registration of Patent DE-1879-6372 and so forth.

German Wikipedia differentiates between his work in "free balloons", in tethered balloons (captive), and that specifically involving hot air.[2]

Really, we may be dealing technically here 1-3 patent families, all around one or two fundamental balloon concepts, possibly one captive and one an airship.

(Our own gathered patent data has Apraxine's filings concentrated between the years of 1877 and 1881, though his balloons were employed for sometime thereafter. We are interested in establishing familial patent relations here, and possibly the existence of Russian parent patents.)

(His filings in Spain, and their representation on Espacenet are of interest. Indeed, it is fairly unusual to have an inventor of this period so represented on Espacenet. The lack of the inclusion of his French patents, because of this span of years, is somewhat par for the course.)

(Attached is an image of one of his balloons, failing, in some manner, possibly "collapsing", in 1891.)

(We will draw further from this Russian material, regarding his possible writing on aviation, and more.)

(See page history for more on our search process here.)

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Comte Antoine Apraxine


Names Comte Antoine Apraxine; Antoine Apraxine; Anton Stepanowitsch Apraxin; Апраксин, Антон Степанович
Birth date 3 October 1817
Death date 2 January 1899
Countries US, CA, FR, ES, DE
Locations St. Petersburg, Russia; Paris, France
Occupations Major General, Military officer
Tech areas Balloons, Aerostat, Captive, Parachutes, LTA, Airship
Wikidata id Q15064091