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Key persons: Émile Salmson; Lieut. René Moineau, designer, 1916; Louis Bechereau, designer, 1925; Paul Deville, designer, 1934.

The company Société des Moteurs Salmson was established to produce aero-engines, especially Canton-Unne water-cooled radials. In 1916, built S-M biplane with shaft drives to two tractor propellers, the M standing for its designer, Lt. René Moineau. From January 1917 built some 3,200 conventional armed reconnaissance biplanes; post-war several dozen were converted to passenger aircraft. Company appears to have stayed in business to sometime beyond WWII, intermittently producing aircraft.

It would appear Canton-Unne was designed by Canton-Unne. Did Salmson have a license or was it a subcontractor? (Voir Canton et Unné.)

We have records from 1920–4 of patents filed by Pierre-Jean-René Postel-Vinay who worked on Canton-Unné system motors and assigned his patents to Moteurs Salmson.

This source, citing a book about Moteurs Salmson, indicates that Henri Salmson, not cited in our sources, was a key character in hiring Canton and Unné.[1]



Names Société des Moteurs Salmson, Salmson, Société anonyme des moteurs Salmson, Moteurs Salmson
Country France
City 74, Rue Saint Lazare, Seine; and Avenue des Moulineaux, Billancourt; France
Keywords motor, propeller, cooling
Started aero 1912
Ended aero
Key people Émile Salmson, René Moineau, Louis Bechereau, Paul Deville, Pierre-Jean-René Postel-Vinay, Pierre-Georges Unné‎‎, Georges-Henri-Marius Canton
Wikidata id Q2037004