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Alfred de Pischof was an aero inventor, pilot, and aero school founder. More is on en.wp.[1] One source says:[2]

Alfred de Pischoff (1882 - 1922) Austria & France, a tireless and modest researcher of exceptional ingenuity
Alfred Ritter von Pischoff was born in 1882 in Vienna, Austria, of French parents of Russian origin. After his studies in Paris, he realized in 1906 flights hovering on the mounds of Palaiseau. In 1907, he created his first plane "de Pischoff n ° 1" nicknamed "the vol au vent". He then associated, in 1908 and 1909, with Paul Koechlin to realize the monoplane that they will make fly to Villacoublay.
De Pischoff then returned to Austria before returning to France with his third aircraft called "autoplan", a kind of hybrid plane and car.
In 1910, Alfred de Pischoff opened two flying schools in Issy-les-Moulineaux and Juvisy. He and participated in the 2nd week of the Reims Air Meet where he flew a Werner monoplane.

There is an inventor Emil de Pischoff who is possibly a brother or co-founder or something. If we keep looking we'll find a work that clearly distinguishes them or says they are the same person. Another source: [2].

Maybe they have different numbers of f's in their last names. Was Alfred related to this company? Ateliers de Pischoff-Koechlin

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Alfred de Pischof


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Names Alfred de Pischof; A. de Pischof
Birth date 1882
Death date 1922
Countries AT, FR, RU
Locations Vienna; Paris
Occupations aircraft designer, school founder
Tech areas Airplane
Affiliations Reims Air Meet, Juvisy school, Issy-les-Moulineaux school
Wikidata id