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Michael Ouschkoff (or Uschkoff) was an aero inventor. On his British patent he said he was proprietor of Landgut, "Roshdestwenskoje", Government and District of Samara, in the Empire of Russia.

"Roshdestwenskoje" probably refers to a place in the Caucasus, north of Georgia, that was settled by German speakers starting in the 1860s.[1] "Landgut" means "estate" in German, and this may not be the name of a place but a description.

Present-day Samara Oblast further east, north of the western edge of Kazakhstan, and Samara may have referred to a larger region back then that included the Caucasus.

A journal of Engineering Abstracts online gives us information about a German patent by Uschkoff we hadn't found:[2] Patent DE-1910-241246

From Google patents: Patent AT-1911-54438 and Control for flying machines. AT AT54438B Michael Ouschkoff Michael Ouschkoff Priority 1911-04-10 • Filed 1911-04-10 • Granted 1912-07-25 • Published 1912-07-25 2. Device according to claim 1, characterized in that the altitude control is connected to the aircraft by downwardly diverging struts. Improvements in and relating to Aeroplanes and the like. GB GB191109109A Michael Ouschkoff Michael Ouschkoff Priority 1911-04-12 • Filed 1911-04-12 • Granted 1911-10-05 • Published 1911-10-05 9109. Ouschkoff, M. April 12. Steering and balancing. - In aeroplanes having a rear elevator and a front elevator constituted by an adjustable plane above the main supporting-plane, the front elevator 4 is simultaneously variable in inclination and longitudinal position by the operation of a … Aircraft Elevator System FR FR428604A Michael Ouschkoff Michael Ouschkoff Priority 1911-04-15 • Filed 1911-04-15 • Granted 1911-09-04 • Published 1911-09-04

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