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CPC B64B1/00: Lighter-than-air aircraft – general category.

For some reason a whole series of 1890s patents focused on eyelets in fabric (and not aircraft) are (mis?)classified under this category. The same patents are usually also classified under IPC B64B1/000 and often that's their only classification in the IPC system according to the metadata from http://patft.uspto.gov.

Other techtypes related to CPC B64B1/00: CPC Y10T24/3747, USPC 244/24

Patents in category CPC B64B1/00


Enclosing categories CPC B64B
Subcategories CPC B64B1/005, CPC B64B1/02, CPC B64B1/06, CPC B64B1/40, CPC B64B1/58, CPC B64B1/66, CPC B64B1/68, CPC B64B1/70
Keywords CPC Y10T24/3747, LTA, USPC 244/24
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