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The Stanley Aerial Navigation Company is affiliated with Charles Stanley of San Francisco.

This article from the San Francisco Call of 1901 says its assets would be transferred to the California Aerial Navigation Company.[1]

There is nothing at fault with the mechanism or construction of the ship itself, but financial difficulties intervened to delay its progress; the stockholders became dissatisfied with certain members of the board of directors, and this difficulty found its way into the courts. When this happens all efforts to carry on an enterprise must prove useless, and only time will serve to overcome the law's delays.
Now, however, the whole matter has been amicably arranged by the sale of the plant to a new corporation, organized for that purpose, called the "California Aerial Navigation Company," and the directors of this company are in themselves a sufficient guarantee that the business will be carried forward in such a manner as will satisfy all parties concerned. Mr. I. J. Truman of the Columbian Banking Company is president. Mr. Frank W. Page of the Vulcan Smelting and Refining Company is secretary and the other mrrnbers of the board comprise the following gentlemen: Mr. George Graham, Dr. Born, Mr. E. L. Sneli, Mr. Leo Newman, Mr. Oscar Menchen, Mr. William Bruckman and Mr. Charles Stanley.

Here's a share of the stock: ; or here: [1]


  1. The Stanley Airship Is Now Going to Sail. San Francisco Call, Volume 87, Number 18, 18 June 1901, online at the Univ of California at Riverside's Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research

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