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Aladár de Bajza was an aero inventor. Works in English spell his name as Aladar. His patents characterize him as a 'gentleman', a subject of the king of Hungary, living at 20 Hans road in London.

De Bajza is described as a designer of the steering system of an airship Britannica, working with John Wulffing. The project was associated or founded by Francis Alexander Barton, and was not completed. De Bajza, according to one source, was the designer of the steering system.[1]

It is conceivable that Helene von Beniczky-Bajza was de Bajza's mother since she is recorded as having had a son Aladár in 1862.[2]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Aladar de Bajza


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Names Aladar de Bajza; Aladár de Bajza
Birth date
Death date
Countries GB, HU
Locations London
Occupations gentleman
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