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August von Parseval was an influential German airship designer and a major in the German military. He created the Parseval line of dirigibles.

He entered the military in 1878 and went through successive promotions, becoming lieutenant in 1880, captain in 1895, and major and battalion head in 1905. In 1889 he published a study on the mechanics of bird flight, and subsequently obtained two-years leave to pursue aeronautical research in collaboration with captain Siegsfeld (Hans von Siegsfeld?).[1]

Several articles mention a Parseval-Siegsfeld kite-balloon. (Bebdrow, 1897, Siegsfeld-Parseval's Drachenballon, & see International Aeronautical Conference at Strassburg) The name of balloon-maker August Riedinger comes up in connection with both of these gentlemen.

After another furlough in 1902, Parseval created the Parseval I airship, which launched in 1906. Parseval II appeared in 1908.[1]

Parseval was influential in the creation of the Motorluftschiff Studiengesellschaft m.b.H and served as its first manager.


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Names August von Parseval
Birth date 1865-02-05
Death date 1942-02-05
Countries DE
Occupations military officer
Tech areas LTA, Dirigible, Kite-balloon
Affiliations Motorluftschiff Studiengesellschaft m.b.H, Verein Deutscher Flugtechniker
Wikidata id Q86573