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French chartered patent agent Armengaud jeune refers to two individuals, a father and a son, in the Armengaud family. The father was Charles-François Armengaud (1813–1893) and the son was Jules-Alexis-Marie Armengaud (1842–1921).[1][2]

Advertisement in L'Aérophile, January 1909.

Recorded on many patents as being at boulevard Strasbourg, 23, Paris. (In advertisement at right, boul. Strasbourg, 53, Paris.)

We can assume that Jules Armengaud was responsible for "Armengaud jeune" patents after 1893 but we don't know much about the father-son arrangement in years before that.

Patent FR-1893-228008 as Armengaud jeune sample entry within BOPI
Patent FR-1899-287459 as Armengaud jeune sample entry within BOPI

Jules Armengaud jeune wrote: Le Problème de l'Aviation: Sa Solution par l'Aéroplane. He was a founding member of the Ligue Nationale Aérienne.[3]

We have him acting among witnesses on an American patent filed by Paul-Louis-Antoine Regnard.[4] He had acted the patent agent on the same invention filed by the same inventor in France.[5]

See also Armengaud aîné.


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