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Boult, Wade, and Tennant was a firm of Chartered Patent Agents in London comprising Alfred Julius Boult, the founder, with Harold Wade and William John Tennant. Their address was listed as 111/112 Hatton Garden, London, E.C.[1]

This firm still exists. See Boult Wade Tennant on English Wikipedia.[2]

"B. E. Dunbar Kilburn", that is Bertram Edward Dunbar Kilburn [3], joined the firm for a few years and apparently used the name Boult, Wade & Kilburn. Kilburn left at the beginning of 1906 (or the end of 1905) and went into practice on his own.[4]

Regarding corporate evolutions, we have cases in which the original has patent agent Alfred Julius Boult acting as applicant with Boult, Wade & Kilburn listed as patent agent.[5]


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