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Alfred Maul (1870–1942) was an engineer and and aero inventor in Dresden who filed a several patents dealing with rockets and photography.

One of his influences was Ludwig Rahrmann who in 1891 patented a rocket-borne camera.[1]

Maul worked in conjunction with the military, and tested his rocket as Glauschnitz firing range on 22 August 1906.[1]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Alfred Maul

  • Patent DE-1903-161490 (English title: Apparatus for controlling the fall of airborne bodies ..., Filing date: 1903-06-05)
  • Patent GB-1904-12772 (English title: Apparatus for Taking Photographs from a Great Height, Filing date: 1903-06-06)
  • Patent FR-1903-333109 (English title: Rocket apparatus for photography, Filing date: 1903-06-16)
  • Patent US-1903-757825 (English title: Rocket apparatus for taking photographs, Filing date: 1903-06-20)
  • Patent US-1906-847198 (English title: Rocket apparatus, Supplementary to patent: Patent US-1903-757825, Filing date: 1906-02-15)
  • Patent GB-1906-10757 (English title: A Device for Holding a Photographic Camera in a Set Position, Filing date: 1906-05-08)
  • Patent GB-1906-10758 (English title: A Device for the Safe Landing of Instruments or the like sent up into the Air, Filing date: 1906-05-08)
  • Patent US-1906-863035 (English title: Device for maintaining instruments in adjusted positions, Filing date: 1906-05-17)


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Names Alfred Maul
Birth date 1870
Death date 1942
Countries DE
Locations Dresden
Occupations Engineer, Photographer, Aerospace engineer
Tech areas Photography, rocket, Reconnaissance
Wikidata id Q97345