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Jacob Christian Hansen-Ellehammer (1871–1946) was a Danish watchmaker and inventor who made significant aero inventions.[1]

Built a flying machine in 1904 and ran tests tethered to a mast. Claimed flight of 42 meters, 1.5 meters above the ground, on 12 September 1906. Later developed a helicopter airplane attachment.[2]

Early British patent data has him as a Mechanical Engineer addressed at 119 Istedgade, Copenhagen, Kingdom of Denmark.[3]

We have him addressed at Kochsvej 15, Frederiksberg, Denmark.[4] Interestingly, this is the street address of Hansen-Ellehammer's often collaborator Niels Waltersen Aasen[5], though Copenhagen, rather than Frederiksberg, is in that case given as the city designation.

Ellehammer described his occupation in 1912 as Manufacturer and his address as Istedgade 119, Copenhagen.[6]

We have him filing in collaboration with Niels Waltersen Aasen, with both inventors being located in Denmark.[7]

Ellehammer Espacenet results show a wide range and large volume of patent filings, with a bulk of work in fueling and motors, only tangent to aeronautics, along with a great deal of work farther removed as well, with an increase in internationalist breadth going into the years beyond those upo which we are focused, and with Niels Waltersen Aasen co-factoring sporadically into all of this.


Patents whose inventor or applicant is Jacob H. Ellehammer or Jacob Ellehammer or Jacob Christian Hansen Ellehammer or Jacob Christian Hansen-Ellehammer

  • Patent DK-1905-8795 (English title: Device for automatically maintaining the position of the aeroplanes by airships, Filing date: 1905-08-12)
  • Patent FR-1906-364747 (English title: Device for automatically maintaining the position of the airfoil of airplanes, Filing date: 1906-03-30)
  • Patent GB-1906-7377 (English title: Device for Automatically Maintaining the Position of the Aeroplane in Aerial Vessels, Filing date: 1906-03-27)
  • Patent FR-1909-410209 (English title: Improvements in aeroplanes, Filing date: 1909-12-10)
  • Patent GB-1910-1887 (English title: A Device for Folding the Wings of Flying Machines, Filing date: 1910-01-25)
  • Patent FR-1911-437780 (English title: Rotating sustentation surface with aeroplane wings, Filing date: 1911-12-18)
  • Patent US-1912-1155485 (English title: Aerial machine, Filing date: 1912-09-28)
  • Patent FR-1912-441057 (English title: Flying machine, Filing date: 1912-03-07)
  • Patent GB-1912-5459 (English title: Improvements in or relating to Aerial Machines, Filing date: 1912-03-04)

Names Jacob Ellehammer; Jacob Christian Hansen-Ellehammer
Birth date
Death date
Locations Copenhagen ; Frederiksberg (quite possibly a township within Copenhagen)
Occupations Watchmaker, manufacturer, mechanical engineer
Tech areas Stability, Control, Automatic stability, Rudder, Pendulum, Wings, Aerodynamics, Design, Lift, Sustentation, HTA, Motors, Fueling
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