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Isidore Auguste Marie Louis Paulhan, usually called Louis Paulhan, (b. 1883) was an aviator from Pénzenas, France, and early recipient of a French pilot's license.

At the 1910 Dominguez Field exhibition: "He brought to the Los Angeles Air meet an entourage consisting of his wife, Celeste, the family's poodle, the Baron and Baronness de Pennendreff, Didier Masson and Charles Miscarol (his mechanics and flying students), and a few other unnamed mechanics."[1]

On 17 February 1910 a judge enjoyed Paulhan not to use Farman and Blériot machines in the US because of possible infringement on the Wright Brotherss' patents.[2]

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Names Louis Paulhan; Isidore-Auguste-Marie-Louis Paulhan
Birth date 1883-08-19
Death date 1963-02-10
Countries FR
Locations Pénzenas
Occupations aviator
Tech areas Airplane
Wikidata id