Paulhan, 1910, The Wrights' contentions groundless

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Paulhan explains why he should not be prevented from flying because of the Wright Brothers' wing warping patent. His Blériot doesn't use wing warping. He thinks that Farman airplanes don't infringe on the patent either.

This article is paired with Ludlow, 1910, Criticism of the court's decision of Feb. 17th in the Wright-Paulhan suit, by one of Paulhan's counsel.

Original title The Wrights' contentions groundless
Simple title The Wrights' contentions groundless
Authors Louis Paulhan
Date 1910-04
Countries US
Languages en
Keywords Wrights' contentions, Wright Brothers, Blériot XI, aileron, control, piloting, patents
Journal Aircraft
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Page count 1
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  • Brockett (1921), page 1015, entry 24: Paulhan, Louis. The Wrights' contentions groundless. Aircraft, Vol. 1, No. 2 (Apr. 1910), New York, p. 75. (B2p1015e24)
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