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Paul Brockett. Bibliography of Aeronautics, 1909–1916. Government Printing Office, 1921.

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This one has been digitized and we are uploading its records to this site. Some are done. The publication numbers beginning with B2 are for this Brockett 2 volume, and the code for each entry has a page number prefixed by p and an entry-number-on-the-page prefixed by e. (e.g. Publication B2p0013e04, 1913, The direction of aerial highways‎)

There is another 1921 publication with a similar name covering 1917-1921. maybe 448 pages? We need to distinguish the facts of these various volumes more more sharply.

More about this 1909-1916 volume

See Introduction:

The publication of this Bibliography of Aeronautics by the National Advisory Committee of Aeronautics was authorized by law, by act of Congress approved July 1, 1918. This work covers the literature published from July 1, 1909, to December 31, 1916, and continues the work of the Smithsonian Institution issued as volume 55 of the Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, which covered the material published prior to June 30, 1909.

There follows a very brief overview of progress in the field from 1909–1916, and a promise to present another bibliography for 1917–1919 ([3]) and annually thereafter.

Title page (directly from the book)

Smithsonian Institution

Introduction (directly from the 1916 book)

The publication of this Bibliography of Aeronautics by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics was authorized by law, by act of Congress approved July 1, 1918. This work covers the literature published from July 1, 1909, to December 31, 1916, and continues the work of the Smithsonian Institution issued as volume 55 of the Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, which covered the material published prior to June 30, 1909.

Aeronautics was passing through a transition period from 1909 to 1916, and these years were important, as aircraft of the heavier-than-air types were just emerging from obscurity and ridicule in 1909. Langley had published his pioneer works, "The Internal Work of the Wind," and "Aerodynamics," and had proved his theories by the practical demonstration of his model heavier-than-air machine. The Wright Brothers had glided and flown in a heavier-than-air machine, and Count Zeppelin had passenger-carrying airships operating in Germany. A brief interval of research followed these epoch-making advances until 1914, when the accumulated knowledge on this subject was called into service for the World War. The advance in aeronautics from that time until 1916 was by leaps and bounds, and resulted in the development of aeronautics as the most important factor in the World War.

As in the Smithsonian volume, citations of the publications of all nations have been included in the languages in which these publications originally appeared. The arrangement is dictionary form with author and subject entry, and one alphabetical arrangement. Detail in the matter of subject reference has been omitted on account of the cost of presentation, but an attempt has been made to give sufficient cross reference for research in special lines.

The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics will next present a bibliography for the years 1917, 1918, and 1919, in one volume, and will prepare a bibliography annually thereafter until further notice.

Brockett's abbreviations (adapted from the lists in the book)

  • "8°" meant a work had 8 volumes.[1]
  • Bd. = Band. (meaning what?)
  • Boll. = Bollettino, meaning "Bulletin" in Italian.
  • Bull. = Bulletin
  • Heft. = ?
  • Jahrb. = Jahrbuch, meaning "yearbook" in German
  • Jahrg. = Jahrgang, meaning (annual) "volume", the publications for a certain year[2]
  • Journ. = Journal.
  • No., Núm., N. = Number, número.
  • S = "this work is in the Smithsonian's collections"
  • T. = Tome, tomo.
  • Vol. = Volume, volumen.
  • Aero Club Amer. Bull.: Aero Club of America Bulletin, New York
  • Aeron. Journ.: Aeronautical Journal, published in London
  • All. Ind.: Alliance Industrielle, Bruxelles (Brussels)
  • Amer. Aer.: American Aeronaut
  • Amer. Eng. R. R. Journ.: American Engineering and Railroad Journal, New York
  • Amer. Mach.: American Machinist, New York.
  • Amer. Rev. Rev.: American Review of Reviews, New York
  • Ann. Soc. Ing. Arch. Ital.: Annali, Società degli Ingegneri ed Architetti Italiani, Rome
  • Ass. Franç. Avanc. Sci.: Association Française pour l'Avancement des Sciences, Paris
  • [[L'Av. Ind. Comm].]]: L'Aviation Industrielle et Commerciale, Casteau
  • L'Av. Ill.: L'Aviation Illustrée, Paris
  • Bull. Aéron.: Bulletin Aéronautique, Paris
  • Bull. Séances Soc. Franç. Physique.: Bulletin des Séances de la Société Française de Physique, Paris
  • Bull. Soc. Aer. Ital.: Bollettino délia Società Aeronautica Italiana, Rome
  • Bull. Soc. d'Éncour.: Bulletin de la Société d'Éncouragement pour l'Industrie National, Paris
  • Deutsche Luftf-Zeitschr.: Deutsche Luftfahrer-Zeitschrift, Berlin
  • Deutsche Zeitschr. Luftsch.: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Luftschiffahrt, Berlin
  • Eng. Rec.: Engineering Record, New York
  • Fachz. Flugt.: Fachzeitung für Automobilismus und Flugtechnik, Berlin
  • Ill. Aer. Mitt.: Illustrierte Aëronautische Mitteilungen, Strasburg
  • Jarb. Deutsch. Luftsch. Verb.: Berlin
  • Journ. Aeron. Soc. Amer.: Journal of the Aeronautical Society of America, New York
  • Journ. American Soc. Heat. Vent. Eng.: Journal of the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers, New York
  • Journ. American Soc. Mech. Eng.: Journal of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York
  • Journ. Frankl. Inst.: Journal of the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia
  • Journ. Roy. Unit. Serv. Inst.: Journal of the Royal United Institute, London
  • Journ. United States Art.: Journal of United States Artillery, Fort Monroe, Va.
  • Journ. West. Soc. Eng.: Journal of the Western Society of Engineers, Chicago
  • L'Ital. Aero-Maritt.: L'ltalia Aero-Marittima, Rome
  • La Conq. l'Air.: La Conquête de l'Air, Brussels
  • La Rev. Aér. Autom.: La Revue Aéronatique et Automobile, Paris
  • Mem. Soc. Ing. Civ. France.: Mémoires de la Société des Ingenieurs Civils de France, Paris
  • Mém. Trav. Soc. Ing. Civ. France, Bull.: Mémoires et Travaux de la Société des Ingénieurs Civils de France, Bulletin de
  • Minutes Proc. Inst. Civ. Eng.: Minutes of Proceedings, Institution of Civil Engineers, London
  • Mitt. Forsch. Geb. Ing.: Mitteilungen über Forschungsarbeiten auf dem Gebiete des Ingenieurwesens, hrsg. vom Vereine deutscher Ingénieurs. Berlin
  • Mon. Tech.: Monde Technique, Milan
  • Monit. Tech.: Il Monitore Technico, Milano
  • Öst Flug-Zeits.: Österreichische Flug-Zeitschrift, Wien
  • Öst. Wochenschr. Öff. Baud.: Österreichische Wochenschrift für den öffentlichen Baudienst, Wien
  • Physik. Zeit.: Physikalischer Zeitschrift, Leipzig
  • Proc. Inc. Soc. Aut. Eng.: Proceedings of the Incorporated Society of Automobile Engineers, London
  • Quart Journ. Roy. Met. Soc.: Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, London
  • Rept. British Ass. Advanc. Sci.: Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, London
  • Rev. Aér. Aut.: La Revue Aéronautique et Automobile, Paris
  • Rev. Aérienne.: Revue Aérienne, Paris
  • Rev. Aéron. Mil.: Revue de l'Aeronautique Militaire, Wien
  • Rev. Av.: Revue de l'Aviation, Paris
  • Rev. Gén. Sci.: Revue Générale des Sciences pures et appliquées, Paris
  • Riv. Ital. Aeron.: Rivista Italiana di Aeronautica, Rome
  • Riv. Mar.: Rivista Marittima, Rome
  • Riv. Techn. Aeron.: Rivista Technica di Aeronáutica, Rome
  • Schweiz. Aero-Klub Bull.: Schweizer Aero Club Bulletin, Berne
  • Scient. Amer.: Scientific American, New York
  • Scient. Amer. Suppl.: Scientific American Supplement, New York
  • Suppl. Rev. Aero Club Portugal.: Revista Aeronautica do Aero Club de Portugal, Lisbon
  • Techn. Aér.: Technique Aéronautique, Paris
  • Techn. Monatsh.: Technische Monatshefte, Stuttgart
  • Tech. Mod.: Technique Moderne, Paris
  • Wien. Luftsch. Zeit.: Wiener Luftschiffer-Zeitung, Wien
  • Zeitschr. Flugt. Motorluftsch............Zeitschrift für Flugtechnik und Motorluftschiffahrt, Berlin
  • Zeitschr. Math. Phys.: Zeitschrift für Mathematik und Physik, Leipzig
  • Zeit. Öst. Ing.-Arch. Ver.: Zeitschrift Österreichischen Ingenieur-und Architecten Vereins, Wien
  • Zeitschr. Ver. Deutsch. Ing.: Zeitschrift des Vereines Deutscher Ingineures, Berlin
  • Bibl. Vozdukhoplav.: Biblioteka Vozdukhoplavaniia.
  • Viestn. Vozdukhoplav.: Viestnik Vozdukhoplavaniia.
  • Spb. Sanktpeterburg, or S-Pbg.: Saint Petersburg.


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