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For the British publication see Aeronautics (UK) (1907–1921).

Aeronautics (The American Magazine of Aerial Navigation) was a magazine published 1908–1915. It was the official organ of the Aero Club of Pennsylvania in 1914 and of the Aeronautical Society of America, 1914–1915. Contains news and patent information. Published monthly.

Publisher, editor, owner: Ernest LaRue Jones. Aeronautics Press, Inc., Thoroughfare Building, 1777 Broadway, New York, U.S.A.

Publication info from Vol. 3, July 1908: "Published monthly by AERONAUTICS; Ernest LaRue Jones, Editor and Owner; Thoroughfare Building, 1777 Broadway, New York, U.S.A."

An A. V. Jones also appears as President of Aeronautics Press. E. Percy Noel of St. Louis and Cleve T. Shaffer of San Francisco are also named on the header, perhaps as editors.[1]

The Sept 1908 issue (e-sent by Simine) is numbered vol III, No 3. It says near the top of the first page, "Aeronautics is issued on the 20th of each month." And that a domestic subscription costs $3/year, and a foreign one costs $3.50/year.


HathiTrust entry:

Published by E. L. Jones, July-Oct. 1908; by the Aeronautics Press, Inc., Nov. 1908-July 1915. Official organ of the Aero Club of Pennsylvania, 1914; of the Aeronautical Society of America, 1914-1915.

The National Aviation Writers' Association met in the Aeronautics office in New York and perhaps some further relationship existed.

Has biographies and lots of information on aero organizations.

Also: advertisements, essays, discusses of new tech and applications.

The incomplete vol. 2 no. 6 contains a symposium with optimistic comments about aviation from Octave Chanute, William H. Pickering, A. M. Herring, James Allen, Augustus Post, and others.

Publications in Aeronautics (US)

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