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The Aero Club, Société d'Encouragement à la Locomotion Aérienne, started on 20 October 1898. It was described as an offshoot of the Automobile Club of Paris at one stage. By declaration of 18 Dec 1903, the name became "Aéro-Club de France, Société d'Encouragement à la Locomotion Aérienne." By April 1905, it headed a federation of French aero clubs. The club hosted and was one of the eight national organizations that met in Paris 12-14 Oct. 1905 to put together the FAI. On 20 Apr 1909, it was recognized as a public utility by decree and the name was shortened to Aéro-Club de France (AeCF). For additional prior history, see the entry in this table beginning Aero Club, Society for Encouragement of Aerial Locomotion : Aero Club, Société d'Encouragement à la Locomotion Aérienne. In 1910, the club had commissions (committees) on aviation (that one was founded 9 May 1903), and on dirgible balloons, spherical balloons, litigation and laws, festivals, science, ascents, sports, and the library. It was still primarily a ballooning club, and also was in charge of awarding licenses to pilots and aviators in France.

This club was a founding member of the FAI in 14 Oct 1905.

The FAI Conférence Statutaire in October 1910 reported the gas consumed by balloons and also reported 36 aeroplanes in France. It sponsored an exhibition on the history of ballooning and aviation at the Grand Palais, Champs d'Elysses, in 1909. The fourth exhibition on aerial locomotion was in 1913; the eighth 8th was in 1922 and that also included a congress of affiliates of the Aéro Club de France. A catalog for the library was published 1922. The volume Cent Ans Avec L'Aéro-Club de France [1898-1998} documents the club's centennial. (The souvenir of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the club is dated 7 Nov. 1917, which appears to be a year early; that could be a printing or library cataloging error.) The club has a website, http://www.aeroclub.com, which does not travel heavily on its history.

Results from Aero Club LTA distance contest published in L'Aérophile
Brevet de pilote aéronaute 1904

In 1909, the cost of membership was 60 francs per year plus a 50-franc fee, 1000 francs for a lifetime membership, or 2000+ francs to be a donor-member.[1]

The Bulletin Officiel de L'Áero Club de France was published for a time in L'Aérophile, of which members received a free copy.[2]

Only Aéro-Club members were eligible for some contests, such as the Prix Santos-Dumont.[3]

  • Addresses: 63, avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris VIIIe ; 35 Rue François, Paris 1er (1909 to at least 1919) (*Jane's, 1910-1911, did not have the address change that occurred in 1909.)
  • Cable addresses: AÉROCLUB-PARIS, Aero-Club, Paris (at least 1906-1911)
  • Phone: 666-2r; Secretariat, 666-21 or 66-21 (1910), then Passy 66-21 (at least 1910-1913). Seat, Passy 25-61 (1913). Commission d' Aviation, 640-86 or 40-86 (1910), then Passy 40-86 (at least 1910-1913). Park d'Aérostation, St. Cloud, 288 (at least 1910-1913).


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Organization names Aero Club of France : Aéro-Club de France (AeCF)
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Scope National
Started aero 20 October 1898
Ended aero
Key people Henry de La Vaulx, Henry Deutsch de la Meurthe, Alberto Santos-Dumont
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