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Charles Stewart Rolls was an automobile maker also prominent in early British aviation.

He started making balloon ascents in 1901[1] and became a member of the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain on 3 December 1901.[2] In 1903 he co-founded the Aero Club of Great Britain.[1]

He participated in the 1st Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race and won an award for longest time in the air.[1]

Rolls traveled in France in 1908 to attend Wilbur Wright's demonstrations there. He flew with Wright and published an article the same year titled "Un vol en aéroplane Wright".[1]

He died in a flying accident at Bournemouth in 1910.[1]



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Names Charles Stewart Rolls
Birth date 1877-08-28
Death date 1910-07-12
Countries GB
Locations London; Monmouth, Wales
Tech areas automobile, Airplane
Affiliations Aero Club of Great Britain, Aéro-Club de France, Automobile Club of France, Royal Automobile Club, Royal Geographical Society, Royal Metallurgical Society, Institute of Mechanical Engineering
Wikidata id