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Léonce Aimé Ferrus was a commandant, then colonel, in the French army.

He translated a Wright Brothers publication into French in 1907, title: Les Expériences d'aviation des frères Wright, rapport présenté à l'Aéro-club d'Amérique.[1] This would appear to translate a short narrative submitted to the aero club and "published as a circular" on 12 March 1906;[2] subsequently reprinted elsewhere, including Scientific American.[3]



Names Léonce Aimé Ferrus
Birth date 1857-04-28
Death date 1934-01-01
Countries FR
Occupations military officer
Tech areas
Affiliations Aéro-Club de France, Ligue Nationale Aérienne, Commission aérienne mixte, Automobile-club de France
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