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Part of the 1900 world's fair, the Bois de Vincennes park at the eastern edge of Paris. Races and exhibitions were held periodically. Apparently, correctly staggering the balloonists' start times was an issue, as exemplified by the race on June 17 which was interrupted by a storm. (See The Paris Exhibition of 1900 by James Penny Boyd (1900), p. 274) Most of these races involved smaller craft and shorter distances, with the goal of navigating as closely as possible to a predetermined point. (Peck 1901, p. 349) On October 9-10, the Aero Club of France held a long-distance race, in which some participants including Count Henri de La Vaulx traveled across the Russian border. (See: "October 9-10" at This Day in Aviation History; "From France to Russia by Balloon", American Monthly Review of Reviews, Vol. 23, p. 609. A world record, according to Turner 1917.) According to Boyd 1900, "The balloon enclosure of the Exposition contained an elegant monument, which remains in the Forest of Vincennes for the various usages of aerial navigation."

Discussing preparations for the Exposition at the beginning of 1898, the editors of L'Aérophile commented on the significance of the director appointing a committee with civil and military aeronauts on an equal footing.[1]

In tandem with the Exposition International Meteorological Committee held the 1900 International Meteorological Congress followed by the International Aeronautical Congress of 1900 (a meeting of the IMC's big subcommittee on aeronautics, the International Commission for Scientific Aeronautics).

A subcommission for aerostation was organized under the Commission des exercises physiques. President, Charles Renard, members, Wilfrid de Fonvielle, Gaston Tissandier, Paul Renard, and captain Wiart.[2]


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  • Brockett #2910

Event names Exposition universelle de 1900, "Paris exhibition", Exposition de 1900, 1900 Expo
Event type exhibition
Country FR
Locations [[Champ-de-Mars, Paris]]
Start date 1900-04-14
Number of days
Tech focus LTA, Balloon, Navigation, competition, Meteorology
Participants Charles Renard, Wilfrid de Fonvielle, Gaston Tissandier, Paul Renard, Wiart, Henri de La Vaulx, Aéro-Club de France

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