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Tissandier in nacelle

Gaston Tissandier, 1843-1899, was a scientist, balloonist, and evidently prolific author, active with his brother Albert-Charles Tissandier. Gaston Tissandier was the father of Paul Tissandier. See also the Tissandier family.

In 1883 Gaston shared with Duroy de Brignac and Victor Tatin the 3,000 franc award, willed by Charles-Alphonse Pénaud, and granted by the French Academy of Sciences, Aeronautic Commission, in recognition of outstanding work in aero-innovation.

He was one of several notables expressing interest in the Aeronautical Navigation Conference at 1893 World's Fair without these communications showing up in the Proceedings.[1]


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Gaston Tissandier

Names Gaston Tissandier
Birth date 1843
Death date 1899
Countries FR
Occupations balloonist, scientist
Tech areas HTA
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