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CPC B64C3/52 is a technological category of patents in the CPC system, and includes patents related to Warping of wings or other airfoils.[1][2]

Its place in the category tree is shown here:[1]


This wiki has 61 patents in category "CPC B64C3/52". Other techtypes related to CPC B64C3/52: CPC B64C2700/6245, Wing warping

Patents in category CPC B64C3/52

USPC list below is drawn from the Wrights' 1906 patent; they may or may not all apply here.

Enclosing categories CPC B64C3/38
Keywords Wing warping, CPC B64C2700/6245, USPC 244/131, USPC 244/90R, USPC 244/904
Start year
End year