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José Lluzar-Rodrigo was an aero inventor in Belgium. He filed also in France and Spain. It appears he filed four patents in Belgium and then replicated each in the French system on one busy day. We do not have access to the Belgian original documents yet.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is José Lluzar-Rodrigo

He has several patents on google, some of which are non-aero:

  • Unbreakable and non-combustible incandescent sleeve for lighters for gas … ES64025A1, Priority 1917-03-07 • Filed 1917-03-07 • Published 1917-04-01
  • Safety bottle that cannot be used more than once. ES64175A1 Lluzar Rodrigo Jose Priority 1917-03-26 • Filed 1917-03-26 • Published 1917-05-16


Names Jose Lluzar-Rodrigo; José Lluzar Rodrigo
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Countries BE
Tech areas Landing
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