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Patent GB-1912-16890 Original Diagram


(Reference is made herein to a German patent dated 27 July 1911.)

"A controlling device for banking aeroplanes characterized by the feature that whilst the angle of incidence of the wings can be altered over the whole width of the wings or only over part of the wings, for example only on the outer side there are provided auxiliary surfaces at the outsides of the wings, the angle incidence whereof is altered simultaneously with the adjustment of the main wings so that the combined action of the two adjustments of each wing gives the transverse tilting and equalizes the head resistance without the use of a special rudder, substantially as set forth."

-Summarized claim of the registrants found in lines 40-47 of the patent original

  • Inventor location: No. 202 Siegfried Strasse, Berlin-Lichtenberg, Germany

Year filed 1912
Year granted 1913
Office GB
Patent number 16890
Inventor country DE
Applicant person
Applicant firm E. Rumpler Luftfahrzeugbau G.m.b.H.
Applicant type COMPANY
Applicant is inventor? No
Original title Improvements in Aeroplane Steering
English title Improvements in airplane steering by way of wing specifications
Tech fields airplane, monoplane, wings, navigation
Filing date July 19, 1912
Full specification filed date
Application number 191216890D
Grant date April 17, 1913
Granted? Yes
Publication date
Supplementary to patent
Related to aircraft? Yes
Serial number
Patent agent W. P. Thompson & Co.
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National tech categories
IPCs IPC B61L19/16, IPC B64C3/52
CPCs CPC B64C3/52
Family year 1912
First filing? Yes
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Application ID 23636855
INPADOC family ID 11124666
Number of text pages 2
Number of diagram pages 1
Number of figures 2
Number of claims 1