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American patent agent Munn & Co. was recorded as being at address 361 Broadway, New York, N.Y., with registration number 77.[1] In 1865 the company's address was 37 Park Row.[2]

Munn & Co. published Scientific American magazine from the 1850s or earlier.[3] Key people were Orson Desaix Munn and Alfred Ely Beach, involved in something called the U.S. Patent Agency and in cross-over promotion of patents using the magazine.[4]

An example of crossover: Munn & Co. filed Patent US-1892-502168 and then shortly thereafter published "[Publication 1473, 1892, Battey's aerial ship A New Air Ship]" highlighting this invention and noting that a patent had been filed. (This patent was also international filings, with known patent agents in England and France; one wonders if these agencies had special relationships with Munn.)

The company also published books about patents, inventions, science, etc., including:

More is on en.wp under the name Orson Munn.[5]


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Patents for which Munn & Co. was the patent agent