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This site has wiki pages for publications, patents, clubs, journals, letters, inventors, and other data associated with the invention of the airplane and early aviation.

Duplicate rows to fix

Per Yaron: There were duplicate rows in the "organizations" spreadsheet, possibly two organizations with the same name, so the imports overwrote the first one's information. Here are some cases:

Tasks underway

|Original title=Improvements in airships |English title=Improvements in airships |Filing date=1908-10-20

  • Aeronautical Journal, January 1909, p31 (on HathiTrust)
  • 23332 Nov 2 G Fischer and T Walti Airship -- couldn't find this one in other sources, e.g. espacenet or Neilson -- perhaps it was a provisional filing never completed?
  • 23435 Nov 3 J I Kay. Aerial multiform, multiplane and sections -- couldn't find this one in other sources, e.g. espacenet or Neilson -- perhaps it was a provisional filing never completed?
  • 24126 Nov 10 G J G Jensen Apparatus for controlling airships and flying machines
  • 24148 Nov 11 P F Degn Improvements in flying machines
  • 24202 Nov 11 F A D Simori Improvements in or relating to dirigible aerial machines
  • 24344 Nov 12 W H Fauber Improvements in aeroplanes

work these too:

  • 24441
  • 24460
  • 24557
  • 24617
  • 24650
  • 24682
  • 24731
  • 24890
  • 25166
  • 24928
  • 25102
  • 25315
  • 25490
  • 25581
  • 25672
  • 25774
  • december
  • 26606
  • 26214
  • 26289
  • 26381
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  • System stuff: At EMWCon 2019 it became clearer why jobs run slowly here ; there isn't much activity in the UI ; there are MORE database operations than user interface operations. this site is mainly a database. Follow instructions and links here to watch the number of jobs waiting.
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Countries with most patents on this wiki

  • This does not restrict to any time period and includes some patents from technologies unrelated to aeronautics. A more complicated "having" clause could sharpen the picture. Switch "format=table" to "format=bar chart" to get a different format.
Office COUNT(*)
FR 5,070
US 4,814
GB 3,754
DE 921
HU 466
AT 207
BE 155
IT 118
CH 100
CA 95
ES 91
MX 53
NO 49
DK 39
NZ 28
NL 27
AU 23
LU 23
DEG 20
IN 16
?? 5
FI 4
RU 3
CU 2
SU 2
AH 2

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  • (11) for Person table: first names, family names, birth date, death date, key associates (buddies and allies), education in years, key educational institutions (which may overlap with others on this wiki), professions, countries
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  • (18) would like to avoid duplicates in this report: USPC 244/49 which has "or" in its specification
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  • example of missing info in report: Emile-Andre Dandrieux
  • /Tech requests already addressed
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Accomplishments in March 18 research group meeting
  • determined how to cite historical patents on, which does not seem to have direct links to the pages with particular patents. Look for pages linking to for examples.
  • mass search and replaces, replacing e.g. pages with "FR category 5" to say instead simply "FR 5"
  • removal of some duplicates by hand
  • no good way to address fields mis-imported yet. Peter resists doing a new import
  • (20) /Apostrophes in query -- they seem to blow up


  • move these to their own Category:Publications pages
  • Anderson, John D. 1997. A History of Aerodynamics.
  • Cailliez, Jean-Claude. 2004. Alexandre Liwentaal: pionnier Suisse de l'aéronautique Européene entre 1890 et 1914. Genève: Editions Secavia, S-E Cruchet
  • Chadeau, Emmanuel. 1996 Le Rêve et la Puissance: l'avion et son siècle. Fayard. Pp 19-78.
  • Crouch, Tom. 1981/2002 Dream of Wings: Americans and the Airplane, 1875-1905.
  • Dale, Henry. 1992. Early Flying Machines. Oxford University Press.
  • The Flying Book, 1914 edition. 1914. Longmans, Green and Co., London; The Aviation World publishing Co., Ltd., Richmond Hill, Bournemout, Great Britain. (abbreviated FB14 in later tables)
  • Flying, vol 5. July, 1916. Page 250. Online at [1] aka [2]
  • Garber, Lester W. 2005. The Wright Brothers and the Birth of Aviation. Ramsbury, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK: The Crowood Press.
  • Gibbs-Smith, 1966, The Invention of the Aeroplane -- a concise classic
  • Gunston, Bill. 1993. World Encyclopedia of Aircraft Manufacturers: From the Pioneers to the Present Day. Naval Institute Press: Annapolis, Maryland; and Haynes Publishing/Patrick Stephens Ltd, Sparkford Somerset, UK. (abbreviated simply G in the subsequent tables; e.g.G104 refers to page 104 of this work)
  • Gunston, Bill. 2005. World Encyclopedia of Aircraft Manufacturers: From the Pioneers to the Present Day, 2nd edition. The History Press. (abbreviated 2dG in later tables here)
  • Head, James. 2008. Warped Wings. Mustang, Oklahoma, USA: Tate Publishing.
  • Jakab, 1990, Visions of a flying machine -- Jakab, Peter L. 1990. Visions of a Flying Machine: The Wright Brothers and the Process of Invention. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press.
  • Kelly, Maurice. 2006. Steam in the Air: the Application of Steam Power in Aviation during the 19th and 20th Centuries. Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England: Pen & Sword Aviation.
  • Palmer, Scott W. 2006. Dictatorship of the Air: Aviation Culture and the Fate of Modern Russia. New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • Payne, L.G.S. 1957. Air Dates. London: Heinemann. pages 3-13.
  • Penrose, Harald. An Ancient Air: A Biography of John Stringfellow of Chard, The Victorian aeronautical pioneer. First published 1988 by Airlife Publishing Ltd; this edition 2000 by Wrens Park Publishing, an imprint of W.J. Williams & Son, Ltd.
  • Randolph, Stella. 1966. Before the Wrights flew: the Story of Gustave Whitehead. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons.
  • Roseberry, C.R. Glenn Curtiss: Pioneer of Flight. 1972 by C.R. Roseberry. My edition: 1991 Syracuse University Press.
  • Runge and Bernd Lukasch. 2005. Erfinder Leben.
  • Shulman, Seth. 2002. Unlocking the Sky: Glenn Hammond Curtiss and the race to invent the airplane. HarperCollins.
  • Tobin, James. 2003. To Conquer the Air: The Wright Brothers and the Great Race for Flight. New York: Free Press (Simon & Schuster).
  • Von Kármán, Theodore. 1954. Aerodynamics: Selected topics in the light of their historical development. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press.

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  • The cap on records in ViewData is 5000; three such queries should get all the patents
  • View some columns in each of several ViewData sessions, then copy to a spreadsheet, then save as .csv or .xlsx, import to Stata or anything for analysis
  • Big savings by importing no wiki text, nor patent titles for now
  • This query works for the basics:
  • [3]
  • For data on size of a patent doc:
  • [4]
  • combined: Actually this was ALL I needed.
  • [5]
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How to cite CPC and USPC compactly

  • <ref name=esp>{{espCPCcat|F41G3/24}}</ref><ref name=pto>{{ptoCPCcat|F41G|3/24}}</ref> {{References}} {{Standard techtype reports}}

Use {{subst:{{CPCstart|B60B|1/08}}}} to bring a lot of this quickly and automatically

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