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French patent agency Dupont et Elluin was at address 42 boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle, 10th arrondissement, Paris.[1][2]

H. Elluin seems to have done some solo work as a patent agent, before this partnership was established. We also have a V. Dupont, with Arkady Iospé using this agent in Patent FR-1909-409319 before using Dupont et Elluin in Patent FR-1910-409319.12220‎.

Patent FR-1908-397517 of inventor Gaston Vinet uses patent agent H. Elluin and Patent FR-1909-397517.11825‎ uses patent agent Victor Dupont.

The name Victor Dupont also appears among witnesses, in conjunction with Chas. P. Pressly, on American patents which have Gustave Delage assigning rights to and filing in conjunction with Société Anonyme des Établissements Nieuport.[3][4]

Dupont et Elluin advertisement (from Almanach Hachette 1912)

V. Dupont

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Dupont et Elluin

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