J. Bonnet-Thirion et Breton

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J. Bonnet-Thirion et Breton seems to have been a collaboration between the Société Thirion et Bonnet, and Breton. The Société Thirion et Bonnet is documented at the address boulevard Beaumarchais, 95, Paris.

See Bonnet-Thirion for evolving results on the collaboration sans Breton. We do not know the strict chronology, whether or not this consolidation went strictly upwards.

This “Breton” is quite possibly the “G. Breton” of Société G. Breton, P. Audy, J. Rousset, A. Vergé.

Patents for which J. Bonnet-Thirion was the patent agent

Patents for which J. Bonnet-Thirion et Breton was the patent agent