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Alexandre-Auguste Guillot, known in earlier patents simply as Auguste Guillot, was an aero inventor addressed at rue de Montsouris, 7, Paris, département Seine, France.[1] He worked mainly on the automatic stability of the airplane, later applying the innovations to the hydroplane. In fact it was a diagram element of a key component of Patent FR-1913-462034, on which the original gives the name “Alexandre-Auguste Guillot”, the same design component featured in Patent FR-1911-423998.14144, on which the name “Auguste Guillot” is given, which lead us to determine this as one inventor. This later Patent FR-1913-462034, in addition to asserting the applicability of the innovations to the hydroplane, also seems to be the most comprehensive glimpse of the principles overall.

We know of no relation between this inventor and Raymond Guillot.

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Names Auguste Guillot; Alexandre-Auguste Guillot
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR
Locations rue de Montsouris, 7, Paris, département Seine, France
Tech areas Airplane, Hydroplane, Stability
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