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This technological category in the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) system covers patents related to varying the camber of wings with movable parts of wing structures.[1][2]

Its neighboring subcategories include these:[1][2]

  • CPC B64C3/44 Varying camber
    • CPC B64C3/46 Varying camber by inflatable elements (connection of valves to inflatable elastic bodies B60C 29/00)
    • CPC B64C3/48 Varying camber by relatively-movable parts of wing structures
    • CPC B64C3/50 Varying camber by leading or trailing edge flaps (ailerons B64C 9/00)


This wiki has 73 patents in category "CPC B64C3/48".

Patents in category CPC B64C3/48

Enclosing categories CPC B64C3/44, CPC B64C3/38
Keywords Camber, aerofoil, aerofoils
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