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Alexander Albert Holle was an aero inventor. On one patent he was described as "a subject of the Queen of the Netherlands" and "residing at Bisham Lodge, Speer Road, Thames Ditton, in the county of Surrey, England." He was probably the founder of the Varioplane Company of London, England, to which he assigned patents.

He had many patents -- 48 listed at google patents. ( He must have been an engineer.

One interesting idea was of aerofoils which were rigid at the front edge but flexible and deformable at the rear edge to give the pilot some control over camber as well as angle of incidence. See Patent US-1917-1225711. This book discusses this or a related patent in substance: [1]

Family tree info is here: according to that he was born in Indonesia and lived 1872-1955 and married Caroline Phebe Lankester in 1898 in Britain.

Does this refer to a South African patent or an English one? [2]

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Names Alexander Albert Holle
Birth date
Death date
Countries GB, NL
Locations Thames Ditton, county of Surrey, England; London
Tech areas aerofoils
Affiliations Varioplane Company
Wikidata id