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"French terms"

Salut, AvionHerbert; well done, adding some useful entries on French aeronautical vocabulary. Would it make sense to classify these in a tree parallel to "simple tech terms" and if so what should it be called? I tentatively used "French terms" as the enclosing category for aéronautique but maybe you have some other ideas about it. LTA (talk) 16:53, April 11, 2019 (UTC)

A tree running parallel to "simple tech terms" would be fine indeed.

The terms in this parallel tree would be largely "abstract", fields of study, overall concepts, having to do with the trajectory we are analyzing.

Inter-linguistic disambiguation will sporadically come up, with "practical" interfaces pertinent to publication titles, club names and so forth, affecting variability of quantifiable connections between pages.

It won't all be French, and branch peculiarities, reflecting evolving usage, won't all be "inter-linguistic", though this will come up. (Some analogous disambiguation within simple tech terms could also be helpful, but I'm with you on aéronautique, and for that matter aeronautics and aviation, not being "simple tech terms" in the sense that "propellers" is, for instance.)

Even LTA, heavier-than-air, and a few other terms connect between the applied and the theoretical.

I'm thinking of "Overall concepts", or "Over-aching fields of fundamental interest", without wanting to overdo any implications of the "abstract", or at least to handle such implications elegantly.

  • Now, at the end of August 2020, one priority is the bulk handling of the newly available Hungarian material, and I'll launch back into that, probably ... tomorrow night.
  • Pulling off something analogous relative to another second tier nation or two would be fine. Regarding Hungary, luck played at least a minor role. Waiting for further access to antique analogue volumes (of which I'd gathered the name), prompted anticipatory wiki work. Then putting the name of said publication into the search capacities of the mere social media, led to contacts, who were perhaps unusually helpful, and whose nation may be ahead of the curve in terms of antique data entered within their national site (and entered text-searchably).

The name István

Bonjour, M. Herbert -- I knew an István once. István is normally a Hungarian first name, as per I had not realized it was also a last name. Nagy is normally a last name. There are a couple of cases like this one -- Patent HU-1913-62275 -- where I wonder if the order of the names got switched. Someday these may be worth a second look. -- econterms

Hungarian convention, in ordinary usage, is family name first, so this comes up, and this "ordinary" usage is retained, in formal lists and so forth, as if analogous to our "Herbert, John", for instance. I've been transposing, into given name followed by family name, while retaining Hungarian spelling and accent marks, as I get to the point of inventor page creation. Feel free though, of course, to jump in on that. But that's the explanation, first name equals family name, in Hungarian, followed by given name. See our Oszkár Asbóth, and note convention on his article on Hungarian Wikipedia.