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"One of three Sperry bomb sights."

Sperry Gyroscope was an aircraft company specializing in gyroscopes. Its founder was Elmer Ambrose Sperry, with son Lawrence Burst Sperry also involved.

"The Sperrys, after gaining world-wide fame in making scientific instruments for ships, undertook to solve the most difficult problems in aerial navigation and aerial warfare. Having begun in the early days of aeronautics they were able, through their long experience in aeronautics, and through knowledge of the problems, to evolve some of the most efficient instruments." -- Henry Woodhouse, Textbook of Military Aeronautics (1918), p. 20

We have this firm working with at least one non-Sperry inventor, a Morris M. Titterington, likely Morris Maxey Titterington, otherwise working with compasses and other instruments.[1]

We have a case in which Elmer Ambrose Sperry, assigning patent rights to this company, makes reference to one of his own patents, by patent number and by date granted, and which also makes reference to two other patent, not necessarily his own, or even directly pertaining to the company, referring to these via serial numbers and filing dates.[2] The patent in question, Patent US-1914-1360694, was filed well before the patents to which the document refers, though it was granted, and the document was printed, after, of course. This all highlights a retrospective analysis of the innovations involved, relative to any proprietary interests. The references via serial number never make our digital-era processes easier, of course. The inventors may or may not have been inventors subsequently involved with this company.

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Names Sperry Gyroscope, Sperry Gyroscope Company
Country US
City Brooklyn; New York City
Keywords Gyroscope, Automatic stability, Stability, Airplane, Biplane, Design, Instrument, compass, inclinometer
Started aero 1914 or earlier
Ended aero
Key people Elmer Ambrose Sperry, Lawrence Burst Sperry
Wikidata id Q784567