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Henry Woodhouse was a prolific aviation writer and a key member of the Aero Club of America. He wrote several textbooks and was an organizer of the First Pan-American Aeronautic Exposition (New York, 1917). Naval aviation was a special focus.

An article in the New York Evening Post claimed that Woodhouse mismanaged Aero Club funds, and that had changed his name from Mario Terenzio Enrico Caselegno and served a term in Clinton Prison for manslaughter. Woodhouse did not dispute the name change or the prison term, but did win a libel suit against the newspaper for its claims about the Aero Club funds.[1]

  • He immigrated from Italy. He stabbed a coworker and was convicted of manslaughter.[2][3]



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Names Henry Woodhouse
Birth date 1884
Death date 1970
Countries US, Italy
Locations New York City
Occupations author
Tech areas Airplane, Military
Affiliations Aero Club of America
Wikidata id Q15500119