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Henri-Alphonse-Désiré Hervé was an innovative & productive French aero inventor. His work seems to have focused on LTA, and more particularly balloons, captive, as well as dirigibles, per se, with thorough attention given as well to all aspects navigation, stability, and so forth, as applied to these aircraft types.

On 12–13 September 1886 Hervé flew le National from Boulogne, France, to Yarmouth England, in a 24.5h flight which broke length records at the time.[1][2]

His table at the 1889 Exposition Universelle exhibited anchors, precision valves and instruments, braking systems, and diagrams of his ascents.[1]

Hervé was director of the Revue de l'aéronautique théorique et appliquée, 1888 to c. 1895.

He worked with comte Henry de La Vaulx and with him made some scientific studies aboard the Mediterranean in 1901 and the Mediterranean II in 1902.[2]

He experimented with the use of marine anchors for navigation, inventing the Hervé deviator.[2][3]

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